A lot of people will ask how did this blog appeared, what is it story and what happens to him. Well, in the period when we only shaped our idea for the honeymoon, we thought that we’d love to keep in one way or another as many memories, photographs, information from this experience, so that when we miss them we can easily return to them. We knew that we can solve it easily with a classic travel journal – paper and pen and devices to store pictures, but when we thought about it, we realized that we can transform the idea of classic journal in an online journal easily accessible to our friends and people  who are thinking about starting out in a similar adventure.

Honeymoon in the Van appeared spontaneously, when we returned to Bucharest from a short trip in the mountains somewhere near Valcea, and we start already making lists, plans, “research” the topic. It was the first idea about how do we get to name our blog and it stick. Because there’s some time until we leave in the honeymoon, we will keep you updated with all the preparations and more than that,we’ll try to always present details of our trips, small recommendations and new information in the area of ​​travel.

The beginning of a long journey!
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