After almost a week, I sit back at my desk in front of my laptop, connected to an internet with good speed. I would not say I missed anything of this. Everything we’ve seen in last days has clearly transposed us into the holiday mood ;  the mobile office in our van is more than enough. In fact, part of this article is written in the van, at the light of our decorative lights. There, it seems that all the stories have another dimension. I invite you to discover below our adventure in the early days of the honeymoon.
We started from Bucharest to Hungary, with a short stop at home, in Targu-Jiu. We needed a little rest and meet the loved ones to “charge our batteries.” Although, we left later than planned, we set off on our way, ready to enjoy this holiday. The first stop in Hungary was near Lake Balaton. So far we have traveled the first 1000 km of the 7,000 that await us. It was a gentle, easy-going trip, and quite poor in landscapes, considering that about 80% of the road we traveled on the highway (we came out of the country through  Nadlac customs, which was surprisingly free) . Things have changed since we first arrived in first cities in Hungary. Here the houses are painted in open, pastel colors, with jardinière at each window, people are relaxed and walk most often with bikes. We already felt the holiday atmosphere. Most of the way he traveled along the shore of Lake Balaton, stretching as far as you can see. Turquoise color and wide boats often make you feel like you are at sea.
We stayed for the first night of our adventure on the shore of the Lake at Tomaj’s Camping. Location is gorgeous. Because we were quite tired, we left the exploration side for the next day and we preferred to relax on the pontoon, planning the following destinations.
The first morning brought the first “adventures”. We left overnight, near the van the chairs and the table, as well as both pairs of slippers. Most likely a dog found our slippers interesting  and played with them until he got tired. In order not to be upset, he bite on each one. We would find out later this was the least problem of the day. But let’s go back to explore the area.

A 30-minute walk on the hills behind the campsite brought us into a wonderful scenery. Whole vineyards are all around and you have the feeling that only the waters of the lake are bordering on them. Dwellings, most of them holiday houses, also make their way on the hills and you have the impression that each owner has looked for the best place so that they do not miss anything out of sight.
We went further to Sopron, and we faced the second “adventure” of the day, this time a bigger and more serious one. On the way, a car’s trailer flew a pebble directly into our windscreen (that’s what we found after checking the videos on the van camcorder because we did not know what had happened) and left a trace the size of a cherry (we are still in season;))) . Fortunately, we can travel like this, it’s not serious, but at that moment we’ve seen somehow the end of our journey that has just begun. After this experience, we needed a little time to get over this so we stopped and relaxed in Sopron. We took lunch at a restaurant in the center and then walked around the streets. The city is perfect for long walks, historic buildings are at every step and are exceptionally preserved, the pedestrian center is animated by terraces and restaurants, so you can spend a day or two here.

For us it was a short visit, on our way to the next destination, but we were delighted with everything we saw.

Our adventure in Hungary
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