As you read these lines, we are on our way to Hungary, Lake Balaton. We finally left! It’s true, we’re two days late, but we hope to get back on track. Still we are happy to start the adventure on the same day we started dating, 8 years ago. All that has happened in recent days has been a real madness.

 The fitting of the van was really fun and we are pleased with how it looks right now. Everything has found its place, everything is organized in labeled boxes, so that we have easy access to them. We have revised the route again; the list of sightseeing destinations is also in the luggage. We think we have not forgotten anything or if we forgot is not so important and we can manage without.

 We’ll be spending a night at Lake Balaton, and tomorrow morning we head to Salzburg, Austria. Hopefully, from now on, everything will unfold as we originally planned. We are excited to be able to start this unique experience for us and we’ll keep you posted about our journey on the blog as often as we can.

We finally departed!
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