I know it is just the beginning of the week, but inevitably our thoughts jump to the weekend, so you can plan already from today two days of complete relaxation at spa. This is what we choose last weekend. Because we didn’t have much time to our disposal, we chose a location near Bucharest, about which we had heard some good reviews , Tisa Spa Resort , that can be found 15 kilometers away from Ramnicu Valcea .  The idea of going to spa has won our heart from the beginning, especially that we find ourselves in a busy period in which we have a lot to prepare for our honeymoon so we committed half of our weekend days (Saturday and Sunday afternoon) to relaxation.

On Saturday we had time to enjoy ourselves on the terrace of our hotel and benefit of the Jian spa therapy, a truly relaxing and revitalizing experience. For one and a half hour you have a relaxation body massage that relieves stress; the therapy continues with a scalp massage with coconut oil and at the end a facial one which leaves your skin soft and purified. All this happens with an ambiental music in the background in a space carefully designed and full of oriental aromas that transcend you in a state of total relaxation . We’ve tried some before but this one is definitely the best we’ve had so far .

After the therapy is over you can sit in and relax in one of the places particularly designed, or you can check to other areas of the spa centre: pools , terraces or thermarium zone dedicated to other therapies such as sauna , hammam , etc .

The Spa Centre also offers a fitness room fully equipped, where we started our Sunday morning . After this we headed towards to the pool zone and enjoyed a coffee while planning the coming events we are about to start.

Even though it was a short break from the busy period we are in, it was the exact thing we needed and it will probably become our “escape ” spot when we feel like recharging our batteries.

Foto:Tisa Spa Resort

Foto:Tisa Spa Resort



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