When we started planning the honeymoon route, the first things we read were about Romantic Road. It’s a 350-kilometer-long road through the Bavarian forests and mountains that take you to the land of German castles. We started the Romantic Road in Fussen. Near Fuseen we visited the Hohenschwangau Castle, as well as the emblematic Neuschwanstein Castle (also known as Cinderella Castle), one of Germany’s most visited castles. Both are impressive through architecture, location, but surely Neuschwanstein, the castle of stories is the one that comes to my mind when I think of Bavaria. I recommend you to visit them somewhere outside the holiday months, maybe it is not so busy. When we were there were endless queues for tickets, and so crowded that you could hardly walk on the pathway to Neuschwanstein.

Romantic Road is a road destined for traveling enthusiasts, eager to admire gorgeous landscapes, enjoy the nature and make the journey with the car a true experience. The road crosses several small and quiet towns and cities, all with Bavarian-specific and fairy-tale air. Before we arrived in Schongau, we stopped for a short picnic, trying to take advantage of the landscape as much as possible. All the way we went with the wide open windows, the music in low tone, trying to keep with us as much time as possible the atmosphere on the Romantic Road. You have to experience a car trip here to understand exactly what I’m saying.In Schongau we stopped for about two hours, during which we strolled on the streets of the city center. Being a weekend, the city was quiet, with few tourists, perfect to relax after the bustle from the castles.

We headed for Augsburg, also a town on Romantic Road. We needed some rest and internet at high speed, so for two nights we stayed in a cozy apartment found on Airbnb. We spent most of the time on the terrace of the apartment, trying to check up on emails, future projects, quite a lot of work. We explored the city a little, we walked around the wide boulevards, admired the buildings, but everything at a slow pace, not looking too often at our watch or making fixed plans.

The two days helped us to charge our batteries, so we went out full of energy to Triberg, a city in the Black Forest Mountains. Here we saw the Waterfalls, the highest in Germany, the water falling from 164 meters, and the House of 1000 clocks. We could not leave Triberg without trying the Black Forest cake, prepared here after the original recipe.

The journey to Germany has definitely led us into a world of castles and stories, and Romantic Road has transformed everything into an unforgettable experience.

Germany...land of castles
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