Switzerland has been on our travel list for some time and we had great expectations that we would like it. Well that’s exactly how it was. The first stop was on the shores of Lake Konstanz, where we arrived in time to be able to admire the sunset. We relaxed, we planned what we were going to do in the next few days, and we were glad that we got the last free camping spot.

We left the next day to Lucerne (Luzern in German). Though we arrived early, the city was already very busy, but that did not stop us from treading on all the streets in the center. Lucerne is a city that can, on the one hand, envelop you with a touch of tranquility, relaxation, if you choose to take a stroll along the lake, and on the other hand it definitely reminds you that you are in a place visited by many tourists if you choose to wander the streets, especially in the center. We can say that Lucerne has the recipe of a gorgeous city: it has a blue-cobalt lake surrounded by mountains, buildings over which you feel like time has not passed, colorful houses, good music, promenade places on the lake shore and many more “ingredients” that we expect to discover on the next visit.

We wanted to escape from the buzz of the city, so we headed for Interlaken, an area especially recognized for winter activities. Until here, the road is spectacular, with breathtaking views, and once you get here you have  the feeling that someone has drawn everything that surrounds you. Can find here an interesting mix of countryside, with chic homes, perfectly landscaped gardens and urban influences, having hotels and spas that benefit from all the conditions to make your wonderful vacation. I would dare to say that I liked the most of what I saw in Switzerland and I’m sure in winter everything is even more spectacular.


Postcards from Switzerland!
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